Austin City Tours Made Interesting

You’re visiting Austin with your family and afraid your young kids aren’t looking forward to the sightseeing? The problem with this generation is that they’d much rather spend their time on their phones than spending outside. There’s a great way to change that; at least in Austin there is. Austin city tours can now be made interesting even for the younger generation as Austin has a unique tour to offer that is bound to get them excited.

Austin City ToursThe Ride Makes a lot of Difference.

Sitting in a comfortable AC bus with a guide giving you a tour may be interesting for you, but there’s a high chance that your preteens and teens would be glued to their phones rather than look outside. While there are biking options, many don’t prefer it because they have to cycle through the city and that could mean a lot of effort for some. Besides, many people don’t know how to cycle.

There’s a Great Solution to This.

Unique to Austin, there’s WWW.YOURBIKERGANG.COM which offers fat tired electric minibikes which let you cruise through the city. You don’t need to be a great cyclist to ride one of these. A 16-year-old can ride it and the passenger can be as young as a 7-year-old. You don’t need a license to ride these.

Why is This Great?

Your kid can’t obsess over the phone while riding these, and it is so cool that anyone belonging to any age can get excited over it. Your child actually ends up loving the ride and since he/she is actually spending the time looking around, gets to enjoy Austin truly for what it is. Austin is a fun city and its quirkiness has a universal appeal.

So go ahead and enjoy any Austin city tours on these amazing bikes!