The Coolest Tours in Austin

Austin, the city of weird, is the place to explore. It has so much to see, feel and experience! Go for the coolest tours in Austin. Here’s a list of what you must see!

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Austin, the city of weird, is the place to explore. It has so much to see, feel and experience! Go for the coolest tours in Austin. Here’s a list of what you must see!

  • Hope Outdoor Gallery/Graffiti Park: An abandoned construction project has developed into a street art haven. All the biggest street artists in the city have come and painted on the walls. It is assumed that construction will soon start again, so while there is still time, do check out this park with amazing work of art.
  • Museum of the Weird: It sticks to the tradition of the dime museum and perhaps one of the few left in the country so this requires a mandatory visit.
  • Sparky Park: These Austinites are great at creating art out of abandoned places. This another example of the same. An abandoned electric substation has been created into a park that displays eccentric but beautiful junk art.
  • Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge: This bridge is across the beautiful Lady Bird lake and is used by pedestrians and bikers, giving a panoramic view of the beautiful lake. It also connects to the Ann and Roy Hike-and-Bike Trail and is known for its unusual double curve feature.
  • Driskill Hotel: This is the oldest operating hotel in Austin, which opened in 1886. Jesse Driskill, a successful cattle baron, opened this hotel and it is now part of the Historic Hotels of America. As if this wasn’t enough, rumor has it that the hotel is haunted!

There are of course, many other places to see, but these would be among the unusual, cool ones. To make it truly cool, go for the coolest tours in Austin offered by WWW.YOURBIKERGANG.COM. Most of the places mentioned and many more are already part of their tour and they take private tours as well. What makes them the coolest? Their fat tired electric minibikes, of course! These bikes are totally safe and are great for families with children above 7.

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These fat-tired electric minibikes are not only fun – that are super easy to ride.  If you can ride a bike you can minibikes.  They are limited to 20 MPH and the majority of the tours are on paths and bike lanes.

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