Are you bored with the usual and want to try something new for your next corporate event idea? We offer you with some new adventures which you can try with your colleagues.

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Your family becomes... Your Biker Gang

starting from only $39 for two!

Who doesn’t love the taste of good food! Drive to The Salt Lick to enjoy delicious BBQ. The all you can eat option is sure to attract your colleagues to this place.

Gun shooting
If you are interested in something competitive and fun then gun shooting is the best option. You can either opt for skeet shooting or target shooting here.

Tubing in the river
Don’t be scared if you lack swimming skills. The river is quite shallow and the inflatable tube will help you if needed. It is an activity which is pocket-friendly and can help you create some fun memories.

Weird fun
If you don’t want to hit the usual spots around Austin then you can plan for a trip to some local landmarks. You have a variety of options ranging from mini golfing, street art to some authentic Austin dishes. The photos from this trip will surely make you laugh.

Beer tours
When you are in a place which offers the best craft beer then you should definitely have a beer tour in your list of corporate event ideas. You can engage in some light fun along with food options like BBQ. A usual brewery tour would take your colleagues to varied places which will counteract against the limited fun associated with a single place.

Such an event offers learning experiences for its participants. It is usually an easy to organize indoor event which is built on the premise of a relaxing and creative atmosphere. Along with canvas painting, you can also try pottery painting in Austin.

03Kids love it!

No better family bonding than cruising around town in a family biker gang.  Children 7 or older can ride with Mom or Dad.  Teenagers 16 and older can ride their own.

03Passengers ride free!

Yep that’s right.  We believe that the ride is more fun with others.  So bring them.  Only pay per minibike – and each minibike rides TWO!

03Easy and fun to ride

These fat-tired electric minibikes are not only fun – that are super easy to ride.  If you can ride a bike you can minibikes.  They are limited to 20 MPH and the majority of the tours are on paths and bike lanes.

Highly, highly rated.  By Mom's, Dad's, couples, friends, co workers and of course.  Kids!

5/5 on TripAdvisor
5/5 on Yelp
5/5 on Google

Fastest growing activity in Austin!

The only place in the world where you can book your own biker gang!

"So today, we did the COOLEST Austin touristy thing: we went on a Hardcore biker gang ride.  We basically went on an amazing tour of Austin while riding electric mini scooters -- like a segway tour only waaay cooler and faster and more fun.  Everyone who saw us..even a group of Segway riders stopped us to say our bikes were cool.  Everyone was jealous.  Which of course made me feel soo cool"

-Erin M

"Wife, Super Mom, Author"

"Super Easy to ride and a Fun way to get around without driving my car in Downtown Traffic"

-Stone Slade

"Modern Dad", Web Designer & Native Austinite

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