Top Austin Breweries With The Best Beers

We all know that Austin is famous for its live music and active night life, but did you know that it is also where the idea of the Texas Craft Beer Movement was brewed up? Austin serves one of the best craft beers in the country, and these breweries are the best among the best. You should make sure you visit these during your time in the city.
Blue Owl Brewing

Within just a few months of its opening, Blue Owl Brewing is one of the best and most loved in the city. It has a unique style of brewing that includes sour-mash that catapulted its status. Their most popular brews are available for purchase in local stores, but this doesn’t mean you should miss out on visiting the brewery for a unique experience.


Named Brewpub of the Year by the Great American Beer Festival of 2016, The ABGB is more than just a brewery. It is the quintessential Old Austin bar, paying homage to the city’s essence and heritage. You can go here with friends and family to have a good time, with great food and drinks. Even dogs are allowed! What could be a better way to have a good time?

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

Thirsty Planet Brewery is most famous for its Thirsty Goat Amber. It is popular that it even comes in a six pack bottle. Not many local breweries can boast about that. Other highly demanded all-year crafts include Yellow Armadillo Wheat and Buckethead IPA. Demand for their craft beers is so high and only keeps on increasing that they have constructed a new facility so as to increase production to at least 40,000 barrels per year.

Lazarus Brewing Company

This newcomer has seen great success in only just a few months. Their generous helpings of beer, tacos, coffee and a whole lot of fun definitely help. Apart from classic brews like IPAs and pale ales, they also offer seasonal and other experimental crafts. The brewery also has a cosy patio that is dog-friendly.

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