If you are planning a trip to Austin then it is time to indulge in an authentic and mouth watering Austin brewery tour. The options are plenty when you go for Austin brewery tours in Austin. So where do you begin this delightful journey? Here we offer you a list of the places which will excite your tasting buds and offer you a pleasant time with your family and friends:-


photo: Mark Scott

1. Jester King Brewery

Funkiness defines the whole atmosphere here at Jester King Brewery. The atmosphere, flavors and the packaging are filled with funky elements. It includes the ingredients found in its neighboring environment (Texas hill country) like native bacteria and wild yeast.

2. Real Ale Brewing Company

The brewery tours are offered on the weekends. Real Ale Brewing Company has been a part of the brewery scene for a long time now. If you are traveling with your dog they are also provided with a place on the patio.

3. Austin Beerworks

Here you will find a brewery that is essentially Austin. Austin Beerworks has been growing in popularity since its inception. The reason is, of course, is the brewing of the best beers.

4. Hops & Grain

If you are looking for something out of the box then Hops & Grain should be a part of your Austin brewery tour. Apart from beers you can also taste and watch the coffee making process. They also show a love for the canine world by offering brew biscuits made from the malted grains which are left over after the brewing process.

5. Independence Brewing Co.

Independence Brewing Co. has been in the brewing business for a very long time. If you are going for an Austin brewery tour then this place is a must on your list. Their entrance was through the introduction of beers which challenged the existing traditional beers. Today along with their original flavors they offer a wide variety of seasonal flavored beers.

The above list is just the beginning, you can explore further by visiting other breweries like Celis Brewery, Last Standing Brewing Company etc.