Sean Cope

Director of Operations | Road Captain | Backbone of this company

Road Captain

/rōd ˈkaptən/

In a biker gang, motor club, or otherwise road worthy fleet of awesomeness the road captain has the pleasure of managing route, pit stops, traffic, weather, road closures – but most of all safety!

In our gang, this road scholar is also incredibly knowledgable about the city, what it has to offer and has to train dozens of people a day.  Its a multi-facetted job that few can do.  These guys are super human-beings and the only way they could do it, is by truly enjoying creating great experiences for their gang, each and every ride.

We call him 5 star Cope (but he doesn’t like that…)

Austin, Texas

Born in Austin. The ATX has a special place in our hearts. Not only the capital of Texas, but the HQ for YBG too.

San Antonio

The rich history of San Antonio, the architecture and the people make this an epic biker gang ride.