(Yeah, ya heard right)

What’s going on?

Every week new members ask us how they can buy our vehicles.  Each week we say..  “Ya can’t, we don’t sell our equipment”.   For the life of the gang, this has been true.  Except today.  For the first time ever we are offering members the ability to purchase our fleet bikes.  You know we ride HARD, we live HARD, today we are liquidating HARD.  So check it!  This might be your lucky day.

We have also thrown in some bad boyz toyz below, which absolutely pains our crew to get rid of…  but it’s someone’s lucky day.

We are opening this up to members only initially.  If there are any left after just a few days we’ll open it up to the public.

Why are we selling them?

Every two years we liquidate our fleet and prepare a new batch of fresh vehicles.  Normally we sell the privately but this time we figured why not sell them deeply discounted to the gang as way of saying, Thanks.

Buy Now, Pickup December 16th through December 24th

  1. You buy.
  2. We pick out the best vehicle we have available at that moment and put your name on it and set it aside.
  3. We spit shine it and get it ready for pickup date.
  4. You pick up (Dec 16th at the earliest) We can coordinate local delivery (<1 hour) for a cost of $100 per bike.  If you want delivery nationwide, you will have to coordinate the pickup, packaging and delivery with a local carrier.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real condition of these vehicles.

Our minibikes are professionally maintained and are in mechanically in good working order.  That being said, scratches, tire and brake wear differ from unit to unit.  Most likely the vehicle was used the day before on a tour.  If it wasn’t good enough for our tours, we wouldn’t be selling it.

Is there a Warranty?

Hellz to the No.  Everything is sold AS-IS.  Upon pickup please inspect the vehicle.  If we do not have a bike that suits your expectations upon pickup we will refund your purchase.  

Got replacement parts?

We do have some replacement parts, we’d part with (see what we did there).  However – there is an Arizona based company ( that has most replacement parts for these vehicles.

Whats do the bikes come with?
  • Bike
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Basket
  • Left Mirror
  • Fenders
  • Keys

Bike will be cleaned and branding stickers will be removed prior to pickup.

Need to contact us?

We’ll do our best o get back with you regarding fleet sales, but please be patient.  This isn’t our main gig.  
SMS / Text: (512) 893-6833