When you think of San Antonio what comes to mind? We all know it’s home to the Alamo, the River Walk but here are 5 things about San Antonio you probably don’t know!

Johnny Cash’s vandalism is on display in a museum!

Before Johnny Cash became know as “the man in black” he was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. He met his first wife Vivian while training at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio. He was so taken with her that he carved “Johnny loves Vivian” into a park bench on the River Walk. You can see that bench today in the Witte Museum.

There is an art gallery under a freeway underpass!

The San Antonio Street Art Initiative turned Interstate I-35’s concrete support structures into 20 foot tall graffiti masterpieces and makes it the largest outdoor gallery in Texas! Each time you visit this gallery there will be new additions as new art is always being added! (Pictured above)

Deer antlers could be traded for a shot of whiskey!

When the Buckhorn Saloon opened in 1881 not all of its patrons could afford to buy a drink so it’s proprietor, Albert Friedrich, came up with a clever idea. He would trade a shot of whiskey or a beer for antlers and horns. During prohibition this paid off when most saloons closed their doors the Buckhorn stayed open to become a restaurant and a shop to sell all those horns and antlers collected over the years. It’s now become a museum and is home to the Buckhorn Hall of Thorns where you can see this impressive collection today.

San Antonio was the first city in the U.S. to have an air-conditioned office building!

In 1928 the Milam Building was the first office building in the United States to have air-conditioning. It was able to keep all 21 floors at a constant temperature of 75 degrees which was welcomed by those who worked there as the only relief from the Texas heat previously was just opening up a window! Can you imagine not having AC today?

You can get married on Marriage Island which is coincidentally shaped like a heart!

Marriage Island, a heart-shaped, is let is located in the middle of the San Antonio River in Downtown San Antonio. Rumor has it that it brings good luck to newlyweds and is a popular spot to tie-the-knot hence why it earned the name Marriage Island!

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