Coolest way around town!

An Austin original

Carries you and a friend!

Your passenger rides for FREE!

Unlimited Smiles per Hour!

We dare you to ride this without smiling ūüėČ

Funnest way to see Austin!

Fun for the whole family!

Tour Pricing

Being part of a is a bonding experience.  So whether you are family, couple, co workers or friends Рthis experience will be remembered.

Although we mix it up a lot and we keep it weird, all of our tours include:

  • Professionally Guided by a certified Road Captain
  • Two hours long + Orientation (initiation)
  • Book up to 8 mini bikes (16 people)
  • Passengers Ride Free!
  • Multiple stops and photo opportunities
  • Guaranteed smiles!
  • 16+ years old to drive (no license needed)
  • 7+ years old to ride (with parent)
  • Maximum weight capacity per bike is 350

Austin Points of Interest

ATX has so much to offer, it is hard to cover in a single tour.  We have specifically designed our tours to optimize the time, route, fun and Austin soul.  Although our tours are continually changing, your tour will most likely cover the following areas.  However Рwe always throw in a surprise stop for something special.  We have to keep you on your toes and keep it Austin weird.

Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge spans Lady Bird Lake offering Beautiful 360 degree views.

Graffiti Park at Castle Hill

Graffiti Park is a sensory overload of Color and Artistry. It is the largest in the country using the remains of an old 3 story building foundation as the canvas.

House Park - Skatepark

Voted coolest city on earth by the coolest people on earth. ¬†We give you our city’s own public skatepark. ¬†Some serious folks ride and train here.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Willie Statues

Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Statue was erected in 1994 at Auditorium Shore, site of a number of Vaughan’s concerts. The Willie Nelson Statue was unveiled in 2012 on 4/20 at the corner of Lavaca and Willie Nelson Blvd.

The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel, built in 1886, is a Historical Landmark of Texas hospitality. Amazing Architecture worth a look, but don’t stop too long, the place is um.. ¬†<cough> haunted <cough>

Legendary 6th Street

There is a reason this street is closed to cars on the weekends.  Its the most bars per block in the USA.  Nuff said.  The drinks are good the people watching is spectacular.

Heard in the Streets!

Don‚Äôt just take it from us, here’s what riders are saying!

“Super Easy to ride and a Fun way to get around without driving my car in Downtown Traffic”

-Stone Slade

"Modern Dad", Web Designer & Native Austinite

“I Love Hardcore Minibikes! It’s so great to hop on with my Lady and ride down South Congress and grab a bite to eat. It’s safe equipped with mirrors and lights and goes all day on one charge! The ONLY thing that could be better is if I had two of them!”

-James Conant

Director "Iron Resurrection"

“The first thing you notice when riding a Hardcore Mini Bike is how quiet it is. The next is that you can’t stop smiling because of how much fun they are to ride.”

-Sweet John Muehlbauer

Social Media Jedi @ Rocksauce Studios

“THIS is the Mini Bike you’ve always wanted. Cool Styling, Capable Range and a Hardcore Statement about what Electric Transportation can be!”

-John Rodriguez (J-Ro)

Stage Two

“I was blown away by how quick and easy it was to get used to riding a Hardcore (Mini Bike) and how in-control and safe I felt on it, even more than riding a regular bicycle. It made getting around downtown and parking during SXSW so much easier. This is really exciting technology and I can’t wait to see how Hardcore Mini Bikes expands it so more people can experience this as a way to counter traffic and congestion in places like Austin”

-Omar Gallaga

Technology Reporter @ Austin American-Statesman

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this tour go?

Depending on the tour you choose, it hits different Austin points of interest.  Some may include, Castle Hill graffiti park, Willie Nelson statue, Stevie Ray Vaughan statues, University of Texas, famous Austin murals, the famous Pfluger bridge, congress, 6th street and many more.  Our tours tend to cover more distance than any other Segway, Bicycle or Electric Bicycle tour in Austin.

How long is the tour?

Morning and afternoon rides are around 2 hours with a 15 minute orientation.  Each tour is a bit different based on party size and skill level.  We also offer specialized tours ( mid day lunch, sunset, bat, pool, etc) as well as private events.  These specialized tours can all have different lengths and costs.

Can my kids come?
Our tours are absolutely a blast with kids.  Unlike motorcycles which legally prevent a parent from riding a small child on the front/rear - electric bikes do not.  So you may ride a child in front or in back.  They tend to love it!  Drivers need to be at least 16.  Passengers need to be at least 7 years old.
Do I need a license for this?
Nope!   No license needed.  These electric minibikes are a motorized vehicle, not a motor vehicle.  Despite the fat tires and lack of pedals - In Austin, we are treated like an electric bike.  This means we ride in bike lanes / side walks / take a lane  - in that order.  There are a couple exceptions to this rule ( around the capitol )  - but your Road Captain is fully aware of them all.
Can we do a private party?

Absolutely.  We generally reserve Monday through Wednesday for private events, but can normally accommodate anything.  Just give us a call. (512)-893-6833 ext 102

We've done everything from parties, food tours, bar tours, birthday parties, event transportation and even wedding photography props.  Nothing is to weird for Austin, or us.


What do I need to bring?

Its a fun, fast moving outdoor activity.  So comfortable clothes, sunscreen and sunglasses are the most common items to bring.  We prefer closed toes shows, though its not a requirement.   We provide helmets of all sizes and you will be required to wear one.  Many patrons like to tip their road captain, so some cash on hand may be useful.  Each bike has a large basket under the seat to carry some gear.

Its triple digits! Is it too hot to go?
Not at all. ¬†That's why we don't have pedals. ¬†Why pedal when you can cruise? ¬†Our Road Captains plan routes that keep you moving and stop in the shade. ¬†Remember - the Road Captains do three tours a day at times. ¬† If it were too hot they wouldn't make it ūüėČ ¬†They also make sure everyone is stocked with bottled water and often stop for snow cones or a cool down.
What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours before the tour you can cancel free of charge.  Closer than 24 hours we cannot provide a refund - but will gladly reschedule you.
What about rain?
Rain is fun!  Lighting is not.  That being said - your Road Captain will contact you 24 hours before  your ride and if weather issues are possible - he will discuss the options.  These fat tired monster tires love the rain and it makes for a fun and memorable time.  However - if the Road Captain determines its unsafe - we will gladly reschedule your group.
Can I bring my dog?

Although we love the pet friendliness of dogs in Austin.  Our tours is not dog-compatible at this time.   If you take the tour and have ideas on how we can make the tour pet friendly - we would love to hear it.

What is the weight capacity?
Great question. The total combined weight is 350 pounds. This can be an individual or the combined weight of two people.