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We are the only place in the world where you can have YOUR OWN BIKER GANG

Yep. Leave it to Austin, Texas to birth one of the coolest experiences a group can do.  That’s right.  Form your own biker gang and join our professional road captain on a tour of our favorite city in the world.  ATX!

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The Team

Here’s the short story.  Ryan coached Shag’s son in soccer.  Ryan meets Shag.  Ryan finds out Shag is some marketing guru who loves Austin.  Shag finds out Ryan is working on a really cool fat tired electric minibike which is a blast to ride.  Ryan and Shag have a blast testing the minibikes all around the city.  These head-turning minibikes had everyones attention and no matter where they went people wanted to ride them … and the rest is history.

Shag Arrington

Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer
Shag comes to us with over two decades of experiential marketing under his belt.  He prides himself in crafting experiences that customers like and is fueled by their feedback.  You may also know Mr. Arrington from his role in Iron Resurrection, where he and his cohorts bring vintage cars back from the dead. Shag has two children and rocks an intense goatee!

  • Marketing 90%
  • Consumer Experience 80%
  • Impressive Goatee 100%

Ryan Turner

Co-Owner and CEO
Mr Turner comes from a long background in travel and hospitality software. This serial entrepreneur loves creating memorable experiences for travelers. Mr. Turner is also a co-owner in HardcoreMiniBikes.com – which is the cool fat tired electric vehicle they use on the tours.  Ryan has three children, plays and coaches soccer and drinks enough coffee to harm a horse.

  • Business Strategy 80%
  • Engineering 70%
  • Drinks way too much coffee 100%

Sean Cope

Senior Road Captain
Aside from years of guiding experience, an incredible work ethic, being an Austin native, a super Dad – Cope is a bona fide bad ass human being.  We’d follow this guy to the end of the world – or at least to the edges of Austin.  He loves his job and he is one of YBG’s biggest assets.

  • Knowledge 80%
  • Experience 85%
  • Bad Assed Human Being 100%

Dennis Johnson

Road Captain
Dennis was born on two wheels – dirt, street, gas, electric – this guy just likes to ride!  Book a tour on his watch and you will quickly find out why his nick name is “5 star Dennis”.  Always optimistic, with a zest for life – you’ll find yourself smiling – just because he is!

  • Charisma 80%
  • Random Facts 85%
  • Largest Smile in the gang 100%


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