Most memorable experience in Austin!

Join our professional guide and see Austin like you have never seen it before. Amazing experience for family, friends, couples or coworkers.  If you are looking for one of the funnest things to do in Austin.  Hit the brakes right here!  You've found it.  An Austin Texas exclusive.

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Most memorable experience in Austin!

Join our professional guide and see Austin like you have never seen it before. Amazing experience for family, friends, couples or coworkers.  If you are looking for one of the funnest things to do in Austin.  Hit the brakes right here!  You've found it.  An Austin Texas exclusive.

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As seen on Austin local news station KVUE.

The coolest way to see the city.

$65 for two people!

The coolest way to see the city.

$65 for two people!

03Austin Exclusive

The ATX is always keeping it weird and so do we.  You can actually be a part of an electric minibike biker gang!   See the sights and have a blast!

03Passengers ride free!

Yep that's right.  We believe that the ride is more fun with others.  So bring them.  Only pay per minibike - and each minibike rides TWO!

03Easy and fun to ride

These fat-tired electric minibikes are not only fun - that are super easy to ride.  If you can ride a bike you can minibikes.  They are limited to 20 MPH and the majority of the tours are on paths and bike lanes.

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Don't take our word for it

Real reviews, by rad people, like you.

  • Matthew C. Avatar
    Matthew C.

    5 star rating First time on an electric minibike tour and certainly not the last!  We've been on many segway, bike, scooter, etc.... >>>  - 9/17/2018

    Tanya I. Avatar
    Tanya I.

    5 star rating This was a great way to see the much fun. Cope was a great tour guide and if you... >>>  - 9/16/2018

    B2803CZlisa Avatar

    5 star rating Fun, fun, fun!!! Our ride was so much fun! Dennis was our guide and was very informative and personable. The weather was great... >>>  - 9/11/2018

  • Sarina K. Avatar
    Sarina K.

    5 star rating If y'all are ever in Austin and want to have a blast,  book one of these tours! You won't be... >>>  - 9/11/2018


    We had a ton of fun. Perfect for taking out of town guests on a tour of Austin. I... >>>  - 9/04/2018

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    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    Probably my favorite thing we did in Austin! I recommend doing this the first day you’re visiting because they take... >>>  - 9/04/2018

  • Alex W Avatar
    Alex W

    5 star rating AWESOME!!! Listen, I’m not a “tour guy”. The last tour I can recall doing was Alcatraz when I was 12.

    But,... >>>  - 9/02/2018

    Alex W. Avatar
    Alex W.

    5 star rating Listen, I'm not a "tour guy". The last tour I recall doing was Alcatraz when I was 12.

    But this... >>>  - 9/02/2018

    Justin G. Avatar
    Justin G.

    5 star rating So much fun riding around town on the eletric bikes.  Learn alot about Austin and see alot of it too.... >>>  - 9/01/2018

  • Jaime H Avatar
    Jaime H

    5 star rating Your Biker Gang We just spent the last 2 hours having fun with Tyler as he navigated us through the city of Austin.... >>>  - 8/31/2018

    Abby D Avatar
    Abby D

    5 star rating SO MUCH FUN! Make sure you do this! We had an absolute blast. Great tour guides. Fun and easy to ride bikes. You’ll... >>>  - 8/29/2018

    pdrogers76 Avatar

    5 star rating Tour Fun! Our tour guide Cope was super friendly and engaging making the entire tour a really memorable experience! Super easy to... >>>  - 8/28/2018

  • erika cruz Avatar
    erika cruz

    This was our last activity during our weekend trip to Austin and it was so much fun I wanted to... >>>  - 8/27/2018

    Rochelle M Avatar
    Rochelle M

    5 star rating Had an amazing tour!! The tour was so great!! Went to many different spots and saw some amazing sites!! The tour guide was amazing!... >>>  - 8/27/2018

    bluenin22 Avatar

    5 star rating So Fun! A great way to see Austin! So much Fun! Our guide, Dennis, was absolutely delightful! Highly recommend.  - 8/22/2018

  • 619jennieo Avatar

    5 star rating Highly recommend! Super fun and great way to see the city and learn cool stories about the place. Our guide was awesome... >>>  - 8/22/2018

    thang n. Avatar
    thang n.

    5 star rating Did a tour with these guys over the weekend and had a blast! Great way to explore Austin! The trail... >>>  - 8/20/2018

    lonestar142002 Avatar

    5 star rating August 18 2018 Had a great time, with an excellent road captain Cope. Would absolutely recommend to people. Fun way to see the city.  - 8/19/2018

  • valarie f. Avatar
    valarie f.

    5 star rating Joseph was a great biker gang leader. We had so much fun and it was a fun way to see Austin.  - 8/19/2018

    Alejandra P Avatar
    Alejandra P

    5 star rating Coolest way to get to know Austin Jo (our tour guide) was awesome, the bikes were the best to get around the city. Everybody enjoyed this activity!  - 8/18/2018

    russell3708 Avatar

    5 star rating Great experience! I recommend this tour to anyone visiting Austin or a local who wants to learn more about the city they... >>>  - 8/14/2018

  • Bob U Avatar
    Bob U

    5 star rating Unexpected pleasant surprise! We had a blast. These are fun and funny. We were in town for a wedding/family reunion and one of... >>>  - 8/13/2018

    Cassie B. Avatar
    Cassie B.

    5 star rating As someone who had lived in Austin for the past ten years I was skeptical that this be a good... >>>  - 8/10/2018

    Suelyna Bun Avatar
    Suelyna Bun

    This was the FUNNEST tour I’ve had! The guys were super friendly, funny, and you can tell they had fun... >>>  - 8/03/2018

  • Sarah A. Avatar
    Sarah A.

    5 star rating Loved it!!! Great friendly awesome tour guys, thank you!! The whole experience of bikes in downtown Austin was really cool... >>>  - 7/31/2018

    Dan C. Avatar
    Dan C.

    5 star rating Guides were great.  Extremely knowledgeable.  A great way to see (and learn about) Austin.  - 7/30/2018

    Aurora Guerra Avatar
    Aurora Guerra

    Joe, our Biker Captain, was awesome! He had great patience in teaching me quickly how to ride and stop the... >>>  - 7/27/2018

  • Mike C. Avatar
    Mike C.

    5 star rating Great way to see the city. It's too hard to see enough when you see the city on foot. Things... >>>  - 7/27/2018

    Billy G. Avatar
    Billy G.

    5 star rating Joe was an excellent tour guide!  We're previous Austinites but have been away for over 20 yrs.  this was an... >>>  - 7/27/2018

    Cristina M. Avatar
    Cristina M.

    5 star rating This was an awesome tour and our guides were beyond friendly. Not only did we get to venture through Austin,... >>>  - 7/22/2018

  • Emma B. Avatar
    Emma B.

    5 star rating one of the greatest things you can do!!!! the employees were so nice provided cold water and cold rags to... >>>  - 7/22/2018

    John S. Avatar
    John S.

    5 star rating I don't Like tours but, this was so unique and fun that I have to give it 5 Stars! Can't... >>>  - 7/16/2018

    Eric S. Avatar
    Eric S.

    5 star rating Although I am from Austin and all of the spots we stopped out on our tour were familiar to me... >>>  - 7/15/2018

  • Teshia L. Avatar
    Teshia L.

    5 star rating This was an Awesome adventure!! The tour guides were great!! They were very attentive and joined in on our fun!! #BestGirlsTripEver  - 7/15/2018

    Jay T. Avatar
    Jay T.

    5 star rating We had a great time on the tour. Our ride captains were Cope and Regan, they did a great job... >>>  - 7/15/2018

    Stacy H. Avatar
    Stacy H.

    5 star rating Our second time in Austin just so we could do this tour! We weren't disappointed. The guides took us through... >>>  - 7/13/2018

  • Janet T. Avatar
    Janet T.

    5 star rating Awesome way to tour Austin. Joseph and Cole were knowledgeable on all the historical and hot spots. They were kind... >>>  - 7/13/2018

    Chris R. Avatar
    Chris R.

    5 star rating Dennis and Reagan were awesome! Visiting from Chicago and never been to Austin. We had so much fun! I would... >>>  - 7/12/2018

    Robie R. Avatar
    Robie R.

    5 star rating This was one of the best tours I've been on. The bikes were a lot of fun to ride easy... >>>  - 7/10/2018

  • Travis S. Avatar
    Travis S.

    5 star rating Couldn't have found a more fun way to see and learn about the city. The tour guides were extremely helpful... >>>  - 6/23/2018

    Heidi L. Avatar
    Heidi L.

    5 star rating This was the most amazing Austin tour possible. Our guide Dennis was very patient and an excellent teacher. I was... >>>  - 6/21/2018

    P C. Avatar
    P C.

    5 star rating Dear yelp, can we have more than 5 stars for the Biker gang. The tour was AWESOME one of the... >>>  - 6/18/2018

  • Kim Z. Avatar
    Kim Z.

    5 star rating Such a fun time! Tyler, Joe, and Sean were super friendly, had a great sense of humor and were very... >>>  - 6/14/2018

    Lisa H. Avatar
    Lisa H.

    5 star rating This is by far the best way to tour Austin!!  We were fortunate enough to experience there first ever Taco... >>>  - 6/13/2018

    Kat T. Avatar
    Kat T.

    5 star rating Amazing!! Don't miss out on this experience.  It takes about 10 minutes to get comfortable on the bikes but after... >>>  - 6/11/2018

  • Carter's Taekwondo Avatar
    Carter's Taekwondo

    Last week we had a group of nine guys ride mopeds at your company and we have a blast! It... >>>  - 6/10/2018

    Amanda R. Avatar
    Amanda R.

    5 star rating This tour was awesome!!!!! Sean, Regan, and Joe are amazing and so helpful. Tour takes all around Austin with various... >>>  - 6/09/2018

    Thang H. Avatar
    Thang H.

    5 star rating One of the most memorable event I had in Austin. Dennis was my captain and he did a great job... >>>  - 5/17/2018

  • Mary S. Avatar
    Mary S.

    5 star rating Great ride with fun guides who took us deep into the heart of Austin. From the back of the bike... >>>  - 5/17/2018

    Latashia B. Avatar
    Latashia B.

    5 star rating This was something I've never done before and was a great way to view the city and have fun instead... >>>  - 4/22/2018

    Jean H. Avatar
    Jean H.

    5 star rating Highly Recommend this outing!  We were with several friends from college and had an absolutely blast!!! A must do if... >>>  - 4/20/2018

  • Mick T. Avatar
    Mick T.

    5 star rating We had a great time riding around town on their Harley-looking electric bikes. Our guides were extremely friendly, and very... >>>  - 4/19/2018

    Tiffany K. Avatar
    Tiffany K.

    5 star rating This is a great experience for people who dont live in Austin. The captains teach you how to drive the... >>>  - 4/14/2018

    Susan M. Avatar
    Susan M.

    5 star rating What a fun way to cruise around town and see some unique parts. Electric bikes that max out at 20... >>>  - 4/02/2018

  • Nicholas S. Avatar
    Nicholas S.

    5 star rating Awesome tour.  Cope and Joe were great guides.  Best way to see Austin.  This is way better than any other... >>>  - 3/25/2018

    Branden A. Avatar
    Branden A.

    5 star rating A wonderful way to Experience Austin. Save courteous staff, but whimsical. A definate must for short visits or new to... >>>  - 3/25/2018

    Steve M. Avatar
    Steve M.

    5 star rating What a great time and terrific way to see Austin! We rode motorcycles into Austin, and decided to try the... >>>  - 3/18/2018

  • Cathy P. Avatar
    Cathy P.

    5 star rating What an awesome experience! Great way to see Austin rolling down the streets in style. Loved that they let us... >>>  - 3/16/2018

    Kari M. Avatar
    Kari M.

    5 star rating Dennis was our tour guide and made the tour so much fun! Everywhere we went people smiled and thought it... >>>  - 3/11/2018

    Nora M. Avatar
    Nora M.

    5 star rating This was so much fun! I highly recommend this tour and it is worth every penny. I will be backing... >>>  - 3/02/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this tour go?

Depending on the tour you choose, it hits different Austin points of interest.  Some may include, Castle Hill graffiti park, Willie Nelson statue, Stevie Ray Vaughan statues, University of Texas, famous Austin murals, the famous Pfluger bridge, congress, 6th street and many more.  Our tours tend to cover more distance than any other Segway, Bicycle or Electric Bicycle tour in Austin.

How long is the tour?

Morning and afternoon rides are around 2 hours with a 15 minute orientation.  Each tour is a bit different based on party size and skill level.  We also offer specialized tours ( mid day lunch, sunset, bat, pool, etc) as well as private events.  These specialized tours can all have different lengths and costs.

Can my kids come?

Our tours are absolutely a blast with kids.  Unlike motorcycles which legally prevent a parent from riding a small child on the front/rear - electric bikes do not.  So you may ride a child in front or in back.  They tend to love it!  Drivers need to be at least 16.  Passengers need to be at least 7 years old.

Do I need a license for this?

Nope!   No license needed.  These electric minibikes are a motorized vehicle, not a motor vehicle.  Despite the fat tires and lack of pedals - In Austin, we are treated like an electric bike.  This means we ride in bike lanes / side walks / take a lane  - in that order.  There are a couple exceptions to this rule ( around the capitol )  - but your Road Captain is fully aware of them all.

Can we do a private party?

Absolutely.  We generally reserve Monday through Wednesday for private events, but can normally accommodate anything.  Just give us a call. (512)-893-6833 ext 102

We've done everything from parties, food tours, bar tours, birthday parties, event transportation and even wedding photography props.  Nothing is to weird for Austin, or us.


What do I need to bring?

Its a fun, fast moving outdoor activity.  So comfortable clothes, sunscreen and sunglasses are the most common items to bring.  We prefer closed toes shows, though its not a requirement.   We provide helmets of all sizes and you will be required to wear one.  Many patrons like to tip their road captain, so some cash on hand may be useful.  Each bike has a large basket under the seat to carry some gear.

Its triple digits! Is it too hot to go?

Not at all.  That's why we don't have pedals.  Why pedal when you can cruise?  Our Road Captains plan routes that keep you moving and stop in the shade.  Remember - the Road Captains do three tours a day at times.   If it were too hot they wouldn't make it 😉  They also make sure everyone is stocked with bottled water and often stop for snow cones or a cool down.

What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours before the tour you can cancel free of charge.  Closer than 24 hours we cannot provide a refund - but will gladly reschedule you.

What about rain?

Rain is fun!  Lighting is not.  That being said - your Road Captain will contact you 24 hours before  your ride and if weather issues are possible - he will discuss the options.  These fat tired monster tires love the rain and it makes for a fun and memorable time.  However - if the Road Captain determines its unsafe - we will gladly reschedule your group.

Can I bring my dog?

Although we love the pet friendliness of dogs in Austin.  Our tours is not dog-compatible at this time.   If you take the tour and have ideas on how we can make the tour pet friendly - we would love to hear it.

What is the weight capacity?

Great question. The total combined weight is 350 pounds. This can be an individual or the combined weight of two people.

Where does this tour start from?

The tour departs and returns from the Global Your Biker Gang Clubhouse (GYBGCH) - its located downtown in the heart of Austin a few blocks West of WholeFoods.

Most Navigation systems have us listed as "" 😉

508 Walsh Street
Austin TX 78703

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