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lonestar142002 Avatar

5 star rating August 18 2018 Had a great time, with an excellent road captain Cope. Would absolutely recommend to people. Fun way to see the city.

lonestar142002 8/19/2018
Alejandra P Avatar

5 star rating Coolest way to get to know Austin Jo (our tour guide) was awesome, the bikes were the best to get around the city. Everybody enjoyed this activity!

Alejandra P 8/18/2018
russell3708 Avatar

5 star rating Great experience! I recommend this tour to anyone visiting Austin or a local who wants to learn more about the city they... >>>

russell3708 8/14/2018
chri55tampa Avatar

5 star rating Badassery Visiting Austin for our wedding anniversary and the hotel conceirge suggested this as something fun to do. After a few... >>>

chri55tampa 8/13/2018
Bob U Avatar

5 star rating Unexpected pleasant surprise! We had a blast. These are fun and funny. We were in town for a wedding/family reunion and one of... >>>

Bob U 8/13/2018
Katy Kuykendall Avatar

This is hands down the best tour to take when visiting Austin! We had so much fun! It was like... >>>

Katy Kuykendall 7/23/2018
Adriana Hinojosa Avatar

Recommend 100%

SUPER friendly staff! Arrived a few minutes late due to traffic and staff was very accommodating! Neat location! Had...

Adriana Hinojosa 6/07/2018
Suelyna Bun Avatar

This was the FUNNEST tour I’ve had! The guys were super friendly, funny, and you can tell they had fun... >>>

Suelyna Bun 8/03/2018
Aurora Guerra Avatar

Joe, our Biker Captain, was awesome! He had great patience in teaching me quickly how to ride and stop the... >>>

Aurora Guerra 7/27/2018
Becca Heeke Avatar

My parents were visiting and this was the perfect way to show them around the city. A comfortable ride and... >>>

Becca Heeke 8/04/2018
bluenin22 Avatar

5 star rating So Fun! A great way to see Austin! So much Fun! Our guide, Dennis, was absolutely delightful! Highly recommend.

bluenin22 8/22/2018
619jennieo Avatar

5 star rating Highly recommend! Super fun and great way to see the city and learn cool stories about the place. Our guide was awesome... >>>

619jennieo 8/22/2018
Carter's Taekwondo Avatar

Last week we had a group of nine guys ride mopeds at your company and we have a blast! It... >>>

Carter's Taekwondo 6/10/2018
Rochelle M Avatar

5 star rating Had an amazing tour!! The tour was so great!! Went to many different spots and saw some amazing sites!! The tour guide was amazing!... >>>

Rochelle M 8/27/2018
erika cruz Avatar

This was our last activity during our weekend trip to Austin and it was so much fun I wanted to... >>>

erika cruz 8/27/2018
pdrogers76 Avatar

5 star rating Tour Fun! Our tour guide Cope was super friendly and engaging making the entire tour a really memorable experience! Super easy to... >>>

pdrogers76 8/28/2018
Abby D Avatar

5 star rating SO MUCH FUN! Make sure you do this! We had an absolute blast. Great tour guides. Fun and easy to ride bikes. You’ll... >>>

Abby D 8/29/2018
Jaime H Avatar

5 star rating Your Biker Gang We just spent the last 2 hours having fun with Tyler as he navigated us through the city of Austin.... >>>

Jaime H 8/31/2018
Vivien L Avatar

5 star rating Make sure you do it! Your biker gang is awesome!!! We first learn the basics of riding the electric bike in the back parking lot,... >>>

Vivien L 9/02/2018
Alex W Avatar

5 star rating AWESOME!!! Listen, I’m not a “tour guy”. The last tour I can recall doing was Alcatraz when I was 12.


Alex W 9/02/2018
A Google User Avatar

Probably my favorite thing we did in Austin! I recommend doing this the first day you’re visiting because they take... >>>

A Google User 9/04/2018

We had a ton of fun. Perfect for taking out of town guests on a tour of Austin. I... >>>

B2803CZlisa Avatar

5 star rating Fun, fun, fun!!! Our ride was so much fun! Dennis was our guide and was very informative and personable. The weather was great... >>>

B2803CZlisa 9/11/2018
Marge P Avatar

5 star rating Biker gang An absolute must if you're in Austin. Tyler are guide made the trip fun and interesting and just a real... >>>

Marge P 9/28/2018
Feistraveler Avatar

5 star rating Radical tour! We were here in October and had a great time. Everyone was friendly, informative and so welcoming. The tour was... >>>

Feistraveler 10/01/2018
Kelly W Avatar

5 star rating Rad biker gang What a fun way to see the city. Our road captain, Joseph, made sure we had a full safety briefing... >>>

Kelly W 10/05/2018
lesliebauman Avatar

5 star rating Great fun Tour of the city with a stop at some good trucks ( could have lived without) but the tour of... >>>

lesliebauman 10/04/2018
Debbie B Avatar

5 star rating Awesome adventure We tried this in the advice of a friend who did it. So when our out-of-town friends came to visit,... >>>

Debbie B 10/06/2018
jbike69 Avatar

5 star rating Ride on Time After finding these guys on the net before leaving the UK we booked three of us in for a 9am... >>>

jbike69 10/08/2018
SarahHodkinson Avatar

5 star rating Amazing! What a fun way to see the city! Cope, our guide, was excellent! Highly recommend this tour. The most fun... >>>

SarahHodkinson 10/08/2018
Terry B Avatar

5 star rating An awesome way to see Austin up close and personal. This ride was so much fun! Joe, our Road Captain, made sure everyone stayed safe AND had fun. (As a... >>>

Terry B 10/14/2018
Ramsammy69 Avatar

5 star rating Fat wheeled bikes 👍🏻 Oh my! We had so much fun on these bikes.

My wife who has never ridden was a little apprehensive...

Ramsammy69 10/18/2018
frances y Avatar

5 star rating Amazing tour! This was the best tour in Austin, so I took TWO! Cope and Tyler were amazing. Don't miss the sunset... >>>

frances y 10/19/2018
Collin F Avatar

5 star rating Incredible Absolutely the best way to see Austin. My brother, cousin and I rode around town and had a blast today!

Collin F 10/20/2018
N217NFtim Avatar

5 star rating Great way to see the downtown Austin area. My wife and I joined our biker gang for a tour around Austin while visiting this past weekend. We had... >>>

N217NFtim 10/22/2018
dgib09 Avatar

5 star rating Awesome!! Fantastic!! The whole experience was exciting and fun. If you're on the fence about trying this out, take... >>>

dgib09 10/24/2018
Voyage755835 Avatar

5 star rating Great tour 100% recommended! Tour guide was THE BEST , ask for Tyler!! It was the best activity one can do in down town... >>>

Voyage755835 10/23/2018
Catherine L Avatar

5 star rating Fun for tourist or local Our guide was Tyler and he was perfect. Knowledgeable, helpful and fun; seriously great at his job. It was... >>>

Catherine L 10/25/2018
Edward M Avatar

5 star rating Amazing tour !! This is really a must do activity for anyone in Austin wanting to discover the city in a fun and... >>>

Edward M 10/24/2018
maribi381 Avatar

5 star rating RC Tyler My hubby and 2 kids said that Tyler was awesome! He was patient, knew the subject matter, knew the... >>>

maribi381 10/28/2018
stephanddotscott Avatar

5 star rating Great way to see Austin My husband and I were visiting Austin for the weekend because his company has an annual party that we come... >>>

stephanddotscott 10/28/2018
Jed G. Avatar

5 star rating That was awesome. Tyler was great and super fun. We went all over the city and now I want one... >>>

Jed G. 10/27/2018
Katy H. Avatar

5 star rating What a great and fun way to see the sites in Austin!  Our leader, Cope was a great and patient... >>>

Katy H. 10/24/2018
Christopher W. Avatar

5 star rating Your first stop in Austin should be here. Its a really nice way to see the city up close and... >>>

Christopher W. 10/24/2018
Abbey E. Avatar

5 star rating This was incredibly fun!  Our guide (Tyler) was personable, funny, and helpful.  It's a great way to see the city.... >>>

Abbey E. 10/20/2018
Amber D. Avatar

5 star rating I've been in Austin for about 16 years, which makes me Methuselah compared to some. I did a bike tour... >>>

Amber D. 10/20/2018
Stacy P. Avatar

5 star rating Our family had a BLAST! This was such a fun way to explore Austin. I loved that my kids could... >>>

Stacy P. 10/15/2018
Jamie H. Avatar

5 star rating FANtastic time! Hubby & I took a 2 hour electric scooter tour under the expert guidance of Tyler, who kept... >>>

Jamie H. 10/11/2018
Cara H. Avatar

5 star rating This tour could not be more true to Austin's unique vibe! Our road captain, Joseph, made us feel right at... >>>

Cara H. 9/28/2018
Laura Lee H. Avatar

5 star rating My daughter and I just finished a tour of Austin with Your Biker Gang, and it was AWESOME! Joseph was... >>>

Laura Lee H. 9/27/2018
Kalyna H. Avatar

5 star rating This is the best day activity! Tour guide is amazing, knowledgeable and a sweetie! Took time to train us first.... >>>

Kalyna H. 9/23/2018
Matthew C. Avatar

5 star rating First time on an electric minibike tour and certainly not the last!  We've been on many segway, bike, scooter, etc.... >>>

Matthew C. 9/17/2018
Tanya I. Avatar

5 star rating This was a great way to see the much fun. Cope was a great tour guide and if you... >>>

Tanya I. 9/16/2018
Rick C. Avatar

5 star rating This is a fun way to see Austin and/or visit the popular food trucks in the city.

Dennis was our...

Rick C. 9/03/2018
thang n. Avatar

5 star rating Did a tour with these guys over the weekend and had a blast! Great way to explore Austin! The trail... >>>

thang n. 8/20/2018
valarie f. Avatar

5 star rating Joseph was a great biker gang leader. We had so much fun and it was a fun way to see Austin.

valarie f. 8/19/2018
Cassie B. Avatar

5 star rating As someone who had lived in Austin for the past ten years I was skeptical that this be a good... >>>

Cassie B. 8/10/2018
Joanne S. Avatar

5 star rating 3-PEAT!!! Because it's just that awesome! 3 Different Tours and 3 Different Captains. This is not a paid advertisement or... >>>

Joanne S. 8/09/2018
Sarah A. Avatar

5 star rating Loved it!!! Great friendly awesome tour guys, thank you!! The whole experience of bikes in downtown Austin was really cool... >>>

Sarah A. 7/31/2018
Dan C. Avatar

5 star rating Guides were great.  Extremely knowledgeable.  A great way to see (and learn about) Austin.

Dan C. 7/30/2018
Rachel B. Avatar

5 star rating Wow! That's all I have to say. Such a great experience. I was so skeptical when my friend booked this... >>>

Rachel B. 7/29/2018
Mike C. Avatar

5 star rating Great way to see the city. It's too hard to see enough when you see the city on foot. Things... >>>

Mike C. 7/27/2018
Billy G. Avatar

5 star rating Joe was an excellent tour guide!  We're previous Austinites but have been away for over 20 yrs.  this was an... >>>

Billy G. 7/27/2018
Emma B. Avatar

5 star rating one of the greatest things you can do!!!! the employees were so nice provided cold water and cold rags to... >>>

Emma B. 7/22/2018
John S. Avatar

5 star rating I don't Like tours but, this was so unique and fun that I have to give it 5 Stars! Can't... >>>

John S. 7/16/2018
Marianne R. Avatar

5 star rating We did this to celebrate two of our family members' birthdays.  We all grew up here, but learned some new... >>>

Marianne R. 7/16/2018
Eric S. Avatar

5 star rating Although I am from Austin and all of the spots we stopped out on our tour were familiar to me... >>>

Eric S. 7/15/2018
Teshia L. Avatar

5 star rating This was an Awesome adventure!! The tour guides were great!! They were very attentive and joined in on our fun!! #BestGirlsTripEver

Teshia L. 7/15/2018
Jay T. Avatar

5 star rating We had a great time on the tour. Our ride captains were Cope and Regan, they did a great job... >>>

Jay T. 7/15/2018
Stacy H. Avatar

5 star rating Our second time in Austin just so we could do this tour! We weren't disappointed. The guides took us through... >>>

Stacy H. 7/13/2018
Janet T. Avatar

5 star rating Awesome way to tour Austin. Joseph and Cole were knowledgeable on all the historical and hot spots. They were kind... >>>

Janet T. 7/13/2018
Chris R. Avatar

5 star rating Dennis and Reagan were awesome! Visiting from Chicago and never been to Austin. We had so much fun! I would... >>>

Chris R. 7/12/2018
Robie R. Avatar

5 star rating This was one of the best tours I've been on. The bikes were a lot of fun to ride easy... >>>

Robie R. 7/10/2018
Honeye H. Avatar

5 star rating We went on a noon tour! It was hot, but we got many breaks & they provided water bottles for... >>>

Honeye H. 7/06/2018
Mike L. Avatar

5 star rating What a great way to see the city.  Cop and Joe were our guides and did a great job showing... >>>

Mike L. 7/02/2018
Meaghan R. Avatar

5 star rating Looking to do something different in Austin?! Highly recommend this tour. Our Bike Gang leader, Gramps, made sure all of... >>>

Meaghan R. 6/25/2018
Travis S. Avatar

5 star rating Couldn't have found a more fun way to see and learn about the city. The tour guides were extremely helpful... >>>

Travis S. 6/23/2018
Heidi L. Avatar

5 star rating This was the most amazing Austin tour possible. Our guide Dennis was very patient and an excellent teacher. I was... >>>

Heidi L. 6/21/2018
P C. Avatar

5 star rating Dear yelp, can we have more than 5 stars for the Biker gang. The tour was AWESOME one of the... >>>

P C. 6/18/2018
Stephanie L. Avatar

5 star rating It's my bachelorette party, and I'll ride bikes if I want to!

YourBikerGang's tour of Austin was easily one of the...

Stephanie L. 6/16/2018
Kim Z. Avatar

5 star rating Such a fun time! Tyler, Joe, and Sean were super friendly, had a great sense of humor and were very... >>>

Kim Z. 6/14/2018
Lisa H. Avatar

5 star rating This is by far the best way to tour Austin!!  We were fortunate enough to experience there first ever Taco... >>>

Lisa H. 6/13/2018
Kat T. Avatar

5 star rating Amazing!! Don't miss out on this experience.  It takes about 10 minutes to get comfortable on the bikes but after... >>>

Kat T. 6/11/2018
Amanda R. Avatar

5 star rating This tour was awesome!!!!! Sean, Regan, and Joe are amazing and so helpful. Tour takes all around Austin with various... >>>

Amanda R. 6/09/2018
Thang H. Avatar

5 star rating One of the most memorable event I had in Austin. Dennis was my captain and he did a great job... >>>

Thang H. 5/17/2018
Mary S. Avatar

5 star rating Great ride with fun guides who took us deep into the heart of Austin. From the back of the bike... >>>

Mary S. 5/17/2018
Latashia B. Avatar

5 star rating This was something I've never done before and was a great way to view the city and have fun instead... >>>

Latashia B. 4/22/2018
Jean H. Avatar

5 star rating Highly Recommend this outing!  We were with several friends from college and had an absolutely blast!!! A must do if... >>>

Jean H. 4/20/2018
Mick T. Avatar

5 star rating We had a great time riding around town on their Harley-looking electric bikes. Our guides were extremely friendly, and very... >>>

Mick T. 4/19/2018
Modo R. Avatar

1 star rating Rude, loud and unsafe - this "tour" has nearly hit me several times when I'm trying to enjoy some quiet... >>>

Modo R. 4/16/2018

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