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lonestar142002 Avatar

5 star rating August 18 2018 Had a great time, with an excellent road captain Cope. Would absolutely recommend to people. Fun way to see the city.

lonestar142002 8/19/2018
Alejandra P Avatar

5 star rating Coolest way to get to know Austin Jo (our tour guide) was awesome, the bikes were the best to get around the city. Everybody enjoyed this activity!

Alejandra P 8/18/2018
russell3708 Avatar

5 star rating Great experience! I recommend this tour to anyone visiting Austin or a local who wants to learn more about the city they... >>>

russell3708 8/14/2018
chri55tampa Avatar

5 star rating Badassery Visiting Austin for our wedding anniversary and the hotel conceirge suggested this as something fun to do. After a few... >>>

chri55tampa 8/13/2018
Bob U Avatar

5 star rating Unexpected pleasant surprise! We had a blast. These are fun and funny. We were in town for a wedding/family reunion and one of... >>>

Bob U 8/13/2018
Katy Kuykendall Avatar

This is hands down the best tour to take when visiting Austin! We had so much fun! It was like... >>>

Katy Kuykendall 7/23/2018
Adriana Hinojosa Avatar

Recommend 100%

SUPER friendly staff! Arrived a few minutes late due to traffic and staff was very accommodating! Neat location! Had... >>>

Adriana Hinojosa 6/07/2018
Suelyna Bun Avatar

This was the FUNNEST tour I’ve had! The guys were super friendly, funny, and you can tell they had fun... >>>

Suelyna Bun 8/03/2018
Aurora Guerra Avatar

Joe, our Biker Captain, was awesome! He had great patience in teaching me quickly how to ride and stop the... >>>

Aurora Guerra 7/27/2018
Becca Heeke Avatar

My parents were visiting and this was the perfect way to show them around the city. A comfortable ride and... >>>

Becca Heeke 8/04/2018
bluenin22 Avatar

5 star rating So Fun! A great way to see Austin! So much Fun! Our guide, Dennis, was absolutely delightful! Highly recommend.

bluenin22 8/22/2018
619jennieo Avatar

5 star rating Highly recommend! Super fun and great way to see the city and learn cool stories about the place. Our guide was awesome... >>>

619jennieo 8/22/2018
Carter's Taekwondo Avatar

Last week we had a group of nine guys ride mopeds at your company and we have a blast! It... >>>

Carter's Taekwondo 6/10/2018
Rochelle M Avatar

5 star rating Had an amazing tour!! The tour was so great!! Went to many different spots and saw some amazing sites!! The tour guide was amazing!... >>>

Rochelle M 8/27/2018
erika cruz Avatar

This was our last activity during our weekend trip to Austin and it was so much fun I wanted to... >>>

erika cruz 8/27/2018
pdrogers76 Avatar

5 star rating Tour Fun! Our tour guide Cope was super friendly and engaging making the entire tour a really memorable experience! Super easy to... >>>

pdrogers76 8/28/2018
Abby D Avatar

5 star rating SO MUCH FUN! Make sure you do this! We had an absolute blast. Great tour guides. Fun and easy to ride bikes. You’ll... >>>

Abby D 8/29/2018
Jaime H Avatar

5 star rating Your Biker Gang We just spent the last 2 hours having fun with Tyler as he navigated us through the city of Austin.... >>>

Jaime H 8/31/2018
Vivien L Avatar

5 star rating Make sure you do it! Your biker gang is awesome!!! We first learn the basics of riding the electric bike in the back parking lot,... >>>

Vivien L 9/02/2018
Alex W Avatar

5 star rating AWESOME!!! Listen, I’m not a “tour guy”. The last tour I can recall doing was Alcatraz when I was 12.

But,... >>>

Alex W 9/02/2018
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A Google User Avatar

Probably my favorite thing we did in Austin! I recommend doing this the first day you’re visiting because they take... >>>

A Google User 9/04/2018

We had a ton of fun. Perfect for taking out of town guests on a tour of Austin. I... >>>

B2803CZlisa Avatar

5 star rating Fun, fun, fun!!! Our ride was so much fun! Dennis was our guide and was very informative and personable. The weather was great... >>>

B2803CZlisa 9/11/2018
Matthew C. Avatar

5 star rating First time on an electric minibike tour and certainly not the last!  We've been on many segway, bike, scooter, etc.... >>>

Matthew C. 9/17/2018
Tanya I. Avatar

5 star rating This was a great way to see the much fun. Cope was a great tour guide and if you... >>>

Tanya I. 9/16/2018
Sarina K. Avatar

5 star rating If y'all are ever in Austin and want to have a blast,  book one of these tours! You won't be... >>>

Sarina K. 9/11/2018
Rick C. Avatar

5 star rating This is a fun way to see Austin and/or visit the popular food trucks in the city.

Dennis was our... >>>

Rick C. 9/03/2018
Alex W. Avatar

5 star rating Listen, I'm not a "tour guy". The last tour I recall doing was Alcatraz when I was 12.

But this... >>>

Alex W. 9/02/2018
Justin G. Avatar

5 star rating So much fun riding around town on the eletric bikes.  Learn alot about Austin and see alot of it too.... >>>

Justin G. 9/01/2018
thang n. Avatar

5 star rating Did a tour with these guys over the weekend and had a blast! Great way to explore Austin! The trail... >>>

thang n. 8/20/2018
valarie f. Avatar

5 star rating Joseph was a great biker gang leader. We had so much fun and it was a fun way to see Austin.

valarie f. 8/19/2018
Cassie B. Avatar

5 star rating As someone who had lived in Austin for the past ten years I was skeptical that this be a good... >>>

Cassie B. 8/10/2018
Joanne S. Avatar

5 star rating 3-PEAT!!! Because it's just that awesome! 3 Different Tours and 3 Different Captains. This is not a paid advertisement or... >>>

Joanne S. 8/09/2018
Sarah A. Avatar

5 star rating Loved it!!! Great friendly awesome tour guys, thank you!! The whole experience of bikes in downtown Austin was really cool... >>>

Sarah A. 7/31/2018
Dan C. Avatar

5 star rating Guides were great.  Extremely knowledgeable.  A great way to see (and learn about) Austin.

Dan C. 7/30/2018
Rachel B. Avatar

5 star rating Wow! That's all I have to say. Such a great experience. I was so skeptical when my friend booked this... >>>

Rachel B. 7/29/2018
Mike C. Avatar

5 star rating Great way to see the city. It's too hard to see enough when you see the city on foot. Things... >>>

Mike C. 7/27/2018
Billy G. Avatar

5 star rating Joe was an excellent tour guide!  We're previous Austinites but have been away for over 20 yrs.  this was an... >>>

Billy G. 7/27/2018
Cristina M. Avatar

5 star rating This was an awesome tour and our guides were beyond friendly. Not only did we get to venture through Austin,... >>>

Cristina M. 7/22/2018
Emma B. Avatar

5 star rating one of the greatest things you can do!!!! the employees were so nice provided cold water and cold rags to... >>>

Emma B. 7/22/2018
John S. Avatar

5 star rating I don't Like tours but, this was so unique and fun that I have to give it 5 Stars! Can't... >>>

John S. 7/16/2018
Marianne R. Avatar

5 star rating We did this to celebrate two of our family members' birthdays.  We all grew up here, but learned some new... >>>

Marianne R. 7/16/2018
Eric S. Avatar

5 star rating Although I am from Austin and all of the spots we stopped out on our tour were familiar to me... >>>

Eric S. 7/15/2018
Teshia L. Avatar

5 star rating This was an Awesome adventure!! The tour guides were great!! They were very attentive and joined in on our fun!! #BestGirlsTripEver

Teshia L. 7/15/2018
Jay T. Avatar

5 star rating We had a great time on the tour. Our ride captains were Cope and Regan, they did a great job... >>>

Jay T. 7/15/2018
Stacy H. Avatar

5 star rating Our second time in Austin just so we could do this tour! We weren't disappointed. The guides took us through... >>>

Stacy H. 7/13/2018
Janet T. Avatar

5 star rating Awesome way to tour Austin. Joseph and Cole were knowledgeable on all the historical and hot spots. They were kind... >>>

Janet T. 7/13/2018
Chris R. Avatar

5 star rating Dennis and Reagan were awesome! Visiting from Chicago and never been to Austin. We had so much fun! I would... >>>

Chris R. 7/12/2018
Robie R. Avatar

5 star rating This was one of the best tours I've been on. The bikes were a lot of fun to ride easy... >>>

Robie R. 7/10/2018
Honeye H. Avatar

5 star rating We went on a noon tour! It was hot, but we got many breaks & they provided water bottles for... >>>

Honeye H. 7/06/2018
Meaghan R. Avatar

5 star rating Looking to do something different in Austin?! Highly recommend this tour. Our Bike Gang leader, Gramps, made sure all of... >>>

Meaghan R. 6/25/2018
Travis S. Avatar

5 star rating Couldn't have found a more fun way to see and learn about the city. The tour guides were extremely helpful... >>>

Travis S. 6/23/2018
Heidi L. Avatar

5 star rating This was the most amazing Austin tour possible. Our guide Dennis was very patient and an excellent teacher. I was... >>>

Heidi L. 6/21/2018
P C. Avatar

5 star rating Dear yelp, can we have more than 5 stars for the Biker gang. The tour was AWESOME one of the... >>>

P C. 6/18/2018
Stephanie L. Avatar

5 star rating It's my bachelorette party, and I'll ride bikes if I want to!

YourBikerGang's tour of Austin was easily one of the... >>>

Stephanie L. 6/16/2018
Kim Z. Avatar

5 star rating Such a fun time! Tyler, Joe, and Sean were super friendly, had a great sense of humor and were very... >>>

Kim Z. 6/14/2018
Lisa H. Avatar

5 star rating This is by far the best way to tour Austin!!  We were fortunate enough to experience there first ever Taco... >>>

Lisa H. 6/13/2018
Kat T. Avatar

5 star rating Amazing!! Don't miss out on this experience.  It takes about 10 minutes to get comfortable on the bikes but after... >>>

Kat T. 6/11/2018
Amanda R. Avatar

5 star rating This tour was awesome!!!!! Sean, Regan, and Joe are amazing and so helpful. Tour takes all around Austin with various... >>>

Amanda R. 6/09/2018
Thang H. Avatar

5 star rating One of the most memorable event I had in Austin. Dennis was my captain and he did a great job... >>>

Thang H. 5/17/2018
Mary S. Avatar

5 star rating Great ride with fun guides who took us deep into the heart of Austin. From the back of the bike... >>>

Mary S. 5/17/2018
Latashia B. Avatar

5 star rating This was something I've never done before and was a great way to view the city and have fun instead... >>>

Latashia B. 4/22/2018
Jean H. Avatar

5 star rating Highly Recommend this outing!  We were with several friends from college and had an absolutely blast!!! A must do if... >>>

Jean H. 4/20/2018
Mick T. Avatar

5 star rating We had a great time riding around town on their Harley-looking electric bikes. Our guides were extremely friendly, and very... >>>

Mick T. 4/19/2018
Modo R. Avatar

1 star rating Rude, loud and unsafe - this "tour" has nearly hit me several times when I'm trying to enjoy some quiet... >>>

Modo R. 4/16/2018
Tiffany K. Avatar

5 star rating This is a great experience for people who dont live in Austin. The captains teach you how to drive the... >>>

Tiffany K. 4/14/2018
Liz H. Avatar

5 star rating What a fun and unique experience!  I had never been to Austin so in addition to the fun drinking and... >>>

Liz H. 4/11/2018
Susan M. Avatar

5 star rating What a fun way to cruise around town and see some unique parts. Electric bikes that max out at 20... >>>

Susan M. 4/02/2018
Holly L. Avatar

5 star rating This was one of the most amazing touring experiences I have had in any city!! I think everyone who comes... >>>

Holly L. 3/31/2018
Ashley I. Avatar

5 star rating A group of 10 of us went out for my 30th birthday this past weekend, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of... >>>

Ashley I. 3/28/2018
Nicholas S. Avatar

5 star rating Awesome tour.  Cope and Joe were great guides.  Best way to see Austin.  This is way better than any other... >>>

Nicholas S. 3/25/2018
Branden A. Avatar

5 star rating A wonderful way to Experience Austin. Save courteous staff, but whimsical. A definate must for short visits or new to... >>>

Branden A. 3/25/2018
Tom E. Avatar

5 star rating This is a very cool way to see Austin. We had tons of people wave, smile and beep their horns... >>>

Tom E. 3/19/2018
Steve M. Avatar

5 star rating What a great time and terrific way to see Austin! We rode motorcycles into Austin, and decided to try the... >>>

Steve M. 3/18/2018
Cathy P. Avatar

5 star rating What an awesome experience! Great way to see Austin rolling down the streets in style. Loved that they let us... >>>

Cathy P. 3/16/2018
Kari M. Avatar

5 star rating Dennis was our tour guide and made the tour so much fun! Everywhere we went people smiled and thought it... >>>

Kari M. 3/11/2018
Nora M. Avatar

5 star rating This was so much fun! I highly recommend this tour and it is worth every penny. I will be backing... >>>

Nora M. 3/02/2018
Jessica V. Avatar

5 star rating Amazing tour!! Highly recommend to anyone visiting Austin and wanting to get a feel of this city.  I was there... >>>

Jessica V. 2/27/2018
Heather N. Avatar

5 star rating Fun afternoon was able to step our of my normal box and join an (electric) biker gang.  Great tour, Dennis,... >>>

Heather N. 2/25/2018
Katie B. Avatar

5 star rating Our tour guide Cope was rad today! Thank you so much! The bikes are super easy to ride and this... >>>

Katie B. 2/18/2018
Carlmiya P. Avatar

5 star rating This was the best $59 I have ever spent! Our guide Cope was amazing and the tour was great!

The... >>>

Carlmiya P. 2/10/2018
Scotty K. Avatar

5 star rating This was an Awesome experience! It was such a cool way to see the city! They were super fun and... >>>

Scotty K. 2/06/2018
Z I. Avatar

5 star rating Loved the whole experience!  We got lucky with a great leader (Cope) but they are probably all wonderful. We were... >>>

Z I. 2/05/2018

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